Funding for Graduate Students

A number of Graduate Employee (GE) contracts are available each year for new graduate students in the department. Graduate Employees (GEs) receive a minimum annual stipend (9 months) of approximately $14,900, depending on the candidate’s academic status. Principal tuition charges are waived. Health insurance is also provided with the GE contract.

A GE is responsible for teaching one beginning language section four or five hours per week under the direction of a faculty supervisor.

Students who hold a Graduate Employee appointment are required to register and complete a minimum of 9 graduate credits during each quarter of their appointments, all of which must apply toward their degree programs.

Students should apply for a GE at the same time they apply to our graduate program. January 4, 2019 is the date for priority consideration for admission to our program as well as for a GE position.

GE support to complete the M.A. program is two years. GE support to complete the Ph.D. is typically three years after the M.A. GE support is contingent to students doing satisfactory progress towards their degrees.