Participatory Learning Experience (PLE)

Participatory Learning Experience (PLE) is a bilingual internship program that allows students to use their French or Spanish language skills as volunteers in our community during the fall, winter, and/or spring term. Students receive two (2) general elective credits (not applicable to the minors or majors in the Department of Romance Languages) for work in a community organization or in the 4J school system. PLE may be taken twice for a total of four credits.


To receive credit for PLE, students must:

  • be a undergraduate student in your 3rd or 4th year of language study, or you must be an RL Graduate Student.
  • volunteer 30 hours (max. 2 terms for general elective credits-not Spanish/French elective credits)
  • attend the informational meeting (see below).
  • submit a one-page typed summary of the experience.


There are informational meetings every term, announced on the Romance Languages events list and through departmental major/minor lists. If you have declared a minor or major in French or Spanish, you will receive an email announcing these meetings. You must attend an informational meeting to register and receive credit for PLE.


For more information, contact Prof. Laurie de González, at or 541-870-3708.

Current positions

The list of possible placements varies throughout the year. Consult the updated placement lists:

Community organizations

Local school districts


Frequently asked questions about PLE