Analisa Taylor

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  • Title: Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Phone: 541-521-9762
  • Office: 326 Friendly Hall
  • Office Hours: Mondays 1:30 to 3:20 pm and by appt. in 326 Friendly Hall
  • Affiliated Departments: Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Interests: Latin American cultural production & social movements; race, gender, sexuality, and decolonization; Mesoamerican foodways & diasporas; transborder im/migrant rights, food sovereignty, & environmental justice
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In my teaching and research, I seek to understand how subjects marginalized within white supremacist-heteropatriarchal discourses and practices reclaim epistemic authority as they occupy the art, literature, film and other types of cultural production that document their stories and strategies of resistance. I specialize in Latin American cultural production and social movements; the history of ideas about race, gender, sexuality, and coloniality in Mexico and the transborder Mesoamerican diaspora; Mesomaerican foodways, food sovereignty, and environmental justice. My publications include Indigeneity in the Mexican Cultural Imagination and articles in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Latin American Literary Review, and Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies. “Milpa: Mesoamerican Resistance to Agricultural Imperialism” appears in Modern Mexican Culture: Critical Foundations. My current book projects are Mesoamerican Stories and Strategies of Decolonization and Daughters of the Moon: True Life Stories from the Lacandon Rain Forest.

Indigeneity in the Mexican Cultural Imagination

Indigeneity in the Mexican Cultural Imagination

University of Arizona Press, 2009


Spanish Immersion and Organic Farming in the Willamete Valley Summer 2020


As a full-fledged human being, I promise to think and to respect thinking,
to allow no invalidation of any scholar or teacher, including myself,
to refuse to be isolated from my colleagues or to act as an agent of oppression,
and to boldly apply my full knowledge and power to the creation of a just world.