Study Abroad

There is no better way to learn a language and its cultures than the experience of immersion. The Department of Romance Languages strongly encourages students to participate in one of the numerous study abroad programs that the UO offers through the Office of International Affairs.


Rosario (GEO)
Buenos Aires (CIEE)
Buenos Aires (SIT)

Cochabamba (SIT)

Arica (SIT)
Santiago (CIEE) (SIT)
Valparaíso (CIEE) (SIT)

Santiago (CIEE)
Santo Domingo (CIEE)

Quito Quito USFQ Exchange (IE3)

Puebla, UDLA (IE3)
Querétaro (IE3)
Mexico City, UNAM (UO)

Managua (SIT)

Cuzsco (SIT)
Lima (CIEE)

National Student Exchange has sites at 9 different universities.  For details, contact Karla Haught ( or visit the NSE @ UO website or the NSE @ UO blog.

Oviedo (GEO) year / semester / summer: advanced literature and
culture with Prof. Wacks
Segovia year / semester (GEO) year / semester
Seville (CIEE) semester liberal arts / advanced liberal arts

GEO Spanish Programs Study Abroad Information

For additional information and to obtain applications for specific programs studying abroad, please contact Study Abroad Office at (541) 346-3206. For questions about how study abroad credit applies to your major or minor, see your assigned advisor in Romance Languages.

Tips for selecting a Study Abroad Program 
Before going abroad students should consult their assigned major or minor advisor about the selection of a program and the courses to be taken within that program.
Choose a program that offers a maximum of immersion (e.g., living with host families or local students, coursework entirely in the target language, direct university enrollment opportunities, etc.).
Longer programs offer you more opportunity to acclimate to the language, to be more fully immersed in the local culture, and to form meaningful relationships with people from the host country.
Courses in which the readings and/or lectures are in English do NOT count toward majors or minors in the Department of Romance Languages, or the UO B.A. second language requirement.
Students in all University of Oregon overseas study programs enroll in courses with subject codes that are unique to individual programs. Special course numbers are reserved for overseas study. Your UO advisor can help you determine course equivalencies, in order to maximize the credits that you can apply to requirements for your degree(s).
The RL department offers scholarships to help students with their travel abroad for language learning and/or research projects. For more information, go to our Scholarships page.