Minor in Spanish

Minor Requirements

Students may earn a minor in French, Italian, or Spanish by completing 28 GRADED credits in upper-division (300- or 400-level) courses, passed with C- or better, in one language area. Internship credits, always taken Pass/No Pass, DO NOT apply toward major or minor requirements.

A. Language. Twelve (12) graded, upper-division credits
FR: 301, 302, 303, 307*, 320, 416, 425
ITAL: 301, 303, 305, 307*, 320
SPAN: 301, 303, 305, 308, 307*, 311 (L2) or 312 (SHL)**, 320

*2 credits can be taken twice
**students may earn credit for either 311 or 312, but not both

B. Advanced work. Twelve (12) graded, upper-division credits of literature, linguistics, translation, or film IN RESIDENCE on the Eugene campus
FR: 312-319, 330 or above (NB: FR 416 is a language course, so does not satisfy this requirement. Students who have taken FR 303 will not receive credit for FR 312).
ITAL: 317-319, 407 or above
SPAN: 320-355, 407 or above

C. Elective. Four (4) graded, upper-division*** credits (e.g. courses in literature, linguistics, film, grammar, culture, etc.) taught in target language.  

*** ITAL: Four (4) credits (optional) may come from: ITAL 150, 151, 152, 153, 252 or upper-division courses in English if the course focuses on Italian literature, cinema, music, art, etc.

*** SPAN: Any one of the following lower-division classes taken on UO campus may fulfill the Elective: SPAN 150, 200M, 238, 248, 299, HIST 248 or LAS 200.

** L2= Second language learners who have acquired Spanish by learning the majority of the target language in the classroom.
** SHL= Heritage learners who have acquired the majority of the target language in the home or community (not the classroom).

If you would like to declare a major or minor in French, Italian, Spanish, or Romance Languages (including Portuguese) please make an appointment with a Global Connections Flight Path advisor (Tykeson): Courtney Garcia, Kenlei Cowell, Adam Hinkley or Bethany Runsten, who are all very knowledgeable about Romance Language programs.  Please see the RL Academic Advising page with information on how to Declare a major or minor through Global Connections, as well as major and minor self-advising 'Checklists': https://rl.uoregon.edu/romance-languages-tykeson-college-and-career-advising.  



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